Attempted Fraud at Baccarat Casino

casino chipsStrange things happened last week at the Baccarat Casino. A strange man about 30 years old ( black male) tried to cash in about $2500 using fake chips! Police said that the hole incident took place inside Baccarat Casino on 7th of October. When the man appeared with his chips to the cashier the casino employee suspected that something was wrong about the chips and when the casino employees started to search the case the man left the place immediately! Police is searching for Ryan James Prystay. He was an intern in prison for 8 years after violence-related crimes he committed in the past. After so many years in prison the court gave him his freedom but he had to stay in a house in the Edmonton halfway house .He didn’t obey in that term and now the court decided his arrest. Prystay is a very dangerous man as he committed 30 violence crimes in the last 10 years. Police says that he shouldn’t be approached as he probably has bonds with the regional gangs. He is about 2 meters tall and he has tattoos in his both hands. Ryan James Prystay is 29 years old. A heavy weight man believed to be in his 30s entered in a booze store and took some bottles of booze. When the employee understood him , he tried to stop him and then the thief threatened the stores employee with a weapon. After that he disappeared . He has black hair and a left arm tattoo. A six feet tall man entered in a gas station last august and took cash from the stations clerk. He appeared as a customer and asked to get gas for his vehicle. After that he got in the gas station he got the money and then he disappeared.