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Pubs and small clubs will need more time to adjust to gambling reforms

Poker Machines
Poker Machines

The Labor Government and the Greens managed a deal to pass the long-awaited pre-commitment legislation. For the small pubs and clubs more time will be needed to adjust to the new gambling reforms. While independent MP Andrew Wilkie and Senator Nick Xenophon have promised for pre-commitment limits on gamblers, it was not until this Labor-Greens deal that similar laws could be passed. For the above, the Communities Minister Jenny Macklin said that the new legislation would see mandatory pre-commitment rolled out in the Australian Capital Territory initially and for the rest of the territories should be rolled out by 2016. She also said: “We understand, of course, that small pubs and clubs, many of them in regional areas, just aren’t the same as the big gaming venues in the city. So we have provided for longer implementation timelines for small venues.” Ms Macklin said that pubs and clubs with 11 to 20 machines would have four years more, until 2020, to deliver the pre-commitment technology, and for the clubs with 10 or less , they can keep their machines until the time they have to replace them. The Productivity Commission have estimated that the cost of gambling for the whole country is at least $4.7 billion each year, and the average amount of money for every gambler is approximately $21,000 per year. Ms Macklin said: “People with gambling problems are six times more likely than non-gamblers to get divorced – and they are four times more likely to suffer from alcohol abuse”. Mr Wilkie largely welcomes the new laws although he said that he was not entirely happy about the changes. New laws will set minimum requirements for harm minimization and also they will allow state and territory governments to impose extra stronger measures. The new legislation introduces a $250-a-day automatic teller machine withdrawal limit for gaming machine premises. The only exception to these new rules will be for casinos and some premises in smaller communities.

Online Gambling on the rise in Australia

Online Gambling is on the rise in Australia
Online Gambling is on the rise in Australia

New studies in Australia show that people have reduced the amount of money that they spend on gambling by $1.6 billion last year. The total amount that Australians spend is $16.9 billion. A steep decline is continued from  September of 2010, at that time the amount that the gamblers were spending per year was $20 billion. The $16.9 billion are significantly less even than the amount spent on gambling in 2003, which was $19.1 billion. Poker machines accounted for the bulk of the money that  is spent on gambling and the final amount was $10.2 billion for this year. This means that the money that was spent this year was $1 billion less than the previous year, and almost $3 billion less than 2003. But while the traditional ways of gambling appear to be in decline the sector of online gambling continues to rise and rise. The amount spent on online gambling websites, including sports betting increased from $928 million in 2010 to $1.1 billion in next year’s September. The research shows that this rise on online gambling is due to the huge amount of money that casinos and sports betting agencies spend on advertisement. Our opinion is that it is easier and more comfortable for a player to play from their house rather than from going out in a pub or in a casino. Also for young people it is easier to gamble on internet and online casinos as they are more familiarized with new technologies compared to older people. So if you are one of them and you want to play your favourite pokies online then definitely you are in the right place!

Mobile Player hits big Jack Pot

Mobile Gaming is the future.
Mobile Gaming is the future.

Mobile online slot players are literary on fire the last couple of weeks. The mobile online gambling market is growing constantly and the results of this are now very obvious. We knew that the popularity of mobile slots was very big but we couldn’t imagine what was about to happen because last week a super lucky 28 year old young man achieved an unbelievable jack pot of $550,553. This is the biggest amount that had ever been won in the online mobile slot history. The lucky man gambled $12  in a William Hill mobile slot game called the ‘Leprechauns Luck’ on his iPhone and after few seconds he won  the greatest online mobile slots jack pot ever! The young man is an ordinary middle-income supermarket employee and its sure that this money will help him to give a good boost to his life. He already plans a good trip to India with his family and to buy a BMW X5 to his wife .She always wanted this car but he couldn’t afford to buy it to her with his low salary. ‘’It’s the best Christmas of my life, I’ll make some presents to my family that would not fit under the Christmas tree ‘’ he said. Big operators like William Hill understood the rapid expansion of the gambling mobile online market and they already started to invest to the future of this market. Studies show that in five years mobile devices or tablets could take over the control of the global gambling market from PC’s. All the big operators are working now to make the mobile gambling market more competitive and easy to be reached from the ordinary people. We think that the  previous week’s jack pot record won’t last for long time. Get more info on how to play on your iphone here.

Profile of the Average Casino Player

online gambling
Gambling in Australia

It seems like the typical model of the average online gambler that we have in our minds is wrong or it has changed dramatically the recent years. We all believed that the common online gambler is a well-paid male in the age of thirty or forty. However, the new studies that have been published lately, have shown that the model of the new average player is totally different than we thought. The most common profile of an internet gambler is a a middle-class woman at the age of fifty! Also, the latest studies have shown that the female gamblers have outnumbered the males. But which are the most important causes for this dramatical change? The rise of social network-based games like Farmville have shifted women to come  closer to online gambling .These games offer too much pleasure in such a short time and this is something that women appreciate heavily . Online pokies offer great pleasure and women quickly discovered them. There are several similarities in social network games and online pokies like: Paying to play ; players easily give money to buy Farmville items and they know that they won’t see that money again in their pockets. Instant satisfaction ; players have good time, they instantly forget their problems and don’t loose so much time. Also both sides offer big rewards to their clients. You can win a great jack pot and get rich with an initial investment of $1! So we can see that there is a logic behind this radical change in the gambling world. Of course, this doesn’t mean that males don’t gamble as well but definitely we need to stop stereotyping! After all gambling is for all..

Mega Moolah gives away Millions!

mega moolah
Mega Moolah Slot Machine

The total amount that has been given on jackpot runs over $50 millions across all major providers! A spokesperson from the Casino Rewards company recently made a statement to the press saying that Casino Rewards officials are speechless by the size of a recent jack pot reward of £5,8 millions.  He said that this was the biggest prize ever, even bigger than the £5,5 millions that one player had won at the Blackjack Ballroom. “We’ ve seen a massive increase in playing activity over the past few months while the jackpot was high, which all contributed to it getting even bigger … £5.8 million is the biggest progressive jackpot payout we’ve ever seen” he said. Last record was held by one Greek player called Giorgos and was about €6,374,599 on the Mega Moolah game from 2009. The past record was held for a year and it was about $5.5 million at Blackjack Ballroom.This record won by a player from Finland. “When I saw the number on my screen I thought it was a phone number from a silly internet advertisement. It couldn’t be a jackpot, I must be mistaken! Then when I realized what has happened , £5,5 millions were sitting on my casino bill! ” So far  the great winner hasn’t shown up with an official statement but it’s a matter of time before we hear something from him.  Maybe he still cant believe what has just happened to him!

Packer’s New Casino Gets the Go-ahead

James Packer
James Packer

Barry O’Farrell has already confirmed that the project for the six-star hotel that James Packers wants to build in Sydney took the first
approval and went one step further. Mr. O’Farrell said that a project team should now established and advise on this project – included the gaming facility – until the beginning of the new year.
Mr. O’Farrell was cleared and said that there would be no poker machines but only a VIP gaming facility. He also insist that VIP
gaming facility is not a full blown casino and he assured that the government will not allow any new casino to be operate before November 2019.
The response came from Paul Keating (former PM) who called Mr. O’Farrell to change his decision for the Barangaroo Hotel to be erected on solid ground. That decision had led to Barangaroo builders Lend Lease to build a bigger hotel, but this cannot be done without the sponsoring of the city’s second casino.
Mr. Keating said the compensation was forced because Lend Lease already had a contract with the government to have a hotel on the water and Mr. O’Farrell broke that contract. The Daily Telegraph revealed yesterday that the government in deed will move the ames Packer’s proposal in the stage of of “detailed consideration” at its next cabinet meeting in 5th of November which is the green light for the new hotel.
The shadow cabinet of Labor also approved the project after a meeting with the Parkers counselors. Luke Foley (Labor’s upper house leader) said that the government should assure casino license fee and also a satisfactory tax revenue from the project. Mr. Kreating thinks that another casino will not be a problem and that:”The question of a casino in the city centre was decided philosophically 20 years ago by premiers Greiner and Fahey,” and also added that “What I (have told politicians) was the hotel was best left in the water but that was defeated by the campaign by The Sydney Morning Herald, the Darling Island residents and the Lord Mayor. The people who have caused the hotel to go on land and for it to be larger were the people who ran the campaign against the hotel in the water. They certainly caused a hotel to be bigger and brassier on the land than it would have been in the water.”

Hotels braking the rules for pokies machines

Hotels owners found a new way to increase their earnings from poker machines. They installed note-changing machines next to poker machines to allow gamblers to change notes for $1 coins.
The name of these machines are Abacus CM 100s with dimensions 20cm-wide and 60cm-high and they can store $4000 in $1 coins.
This machines became very famous in Hotels across suburban Adelaide like the Paradise, Bremen, Emu, Christies Beach, Modbury Plaza and Brahma Lodge hotels where they set up these machines besides the pokies machines in gambling lounges.
Nick Xenophon (Independent SA senator) says that this practice is a cynical trick from the side of the hotels which may not comply with the Responsible Gambling Code of Practice where it is referred that notes-changing machines should be placed in a position where they can be “routinely and regularly monitored”. He also asked Robert Chappell (Independent Gambling Authority director) to investigate the use of the above machines as soon as possible.
According to John Rau (spokesman for Attorney General) the Government will discuss this issue at a meeting later this week.
Ian Horne (general manager of Australian Hotels Association SA) said that these machines are not very popular in South Australia and that this phenomenon is already more restricted in comparison with other states. He also said that South Australia is the only state that requires coins for pokie machines.
For the same issue Greg Maitland (director of Independent Pub Group) said that these machines are used because notes cannot be used in pokie machines.
Mr. Maitland (Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner) gave us the information that the group owns 10 venues with 338 machines which are worth around $20.6 million per year and he said that the intention of this law is to stop $50 bills being pumped into machines in order to slow down the cashing up of poker machines and not discourage people from playing in pokies machines.
He also said that he did not want to see more regulations for the industry.

Attempted Fraud at Baccarat Casino

casino chipsStrange things happened last week at the Baccarat Casino. A strange man about 30 years old ( black male) tried to cash in about $2500 using fake chips! Police said that the hole incident took place inside Baccarat Casino on 7th of October. When the man appeared with his chips to the cashier the casino employee suspected that something was wrong about the chips and when the casino employees started to search the case the man left the place immediately! Police is searching for Ryan James Prystay. He was an intern in prison for 8 years after violence-related crimes he committed in the past. After so many years in prison the court gave him his freedom but he had to stay in a house in the Edmonton halfway house .He didn’t obey in that term and now the court decided his arrest. Prystay is a very dangerous man as he committed 30 violence crimes in the last 10 years. Police says that he shouldn’t be approached as he probably has bonds with the regional gangs. He is about 2 meters tall and he has tattoos in his both hands. Ryan James Prystay is 29 years old. A heavy weight man believed to be in his 30s entered in a booze store and took some bottles of booze. When the employee understood him , he tried to stop him and then the thief threatened the stores employee with a weapon. After that he disappeared . He has black hair and a left arm tattoo. A six feet tall man entered in a gas station last august and took cash from the stations clerk. He appeared as a customer and asked to get gas for his vehicle. After that he got in the gas station he got the money and then he disappeared.

New Packer Casino coming soon in Sydney

james packerAs Sydney Morning Herald reported the New South Wales Government is very close to an agreement with James Packer for the construction of a new luxury casino at Barangaroo in Sydney.
The project was suggested by James Packer and it is said that Premier Barry O’Farrell seems to be positive for the construction of a luxury casino and hotel complex, under the policy which was adopted from Liberal government to embrace and support big infrastructure projects from the private sector.
Officially no comment has been made from the Office of the Premier on these reports but it is sure that if this is a real project then it would be very difficult for the government to say NO in a $1 billion investment proposal.
For one more time the Greens MP, John Kaye, responded immediately and said that if this is an accurate report then they will oppose this plan. He also said that Sydney does not need another casino and another high-roller room which will increase the gambling problems.
He also accused the government that they try to manage these deals in secrecy instead of open a public dialogue for these issues.
Luke Foley, the Labor’s planning spokesman said that “we should not ignore an offer for a new six star hotel from Crown company or any other company. We should consider it and think very serious about that, but we have also to respect the state’s policy that permits only one casino license until 2019 and we should not allow poker machines in any Crown hotels”. Luke Foley close his statement by saying that “we have more than enough poker machines in Sydney already”.  More to come in the following days so stay tuned.

More Pokie Machines in Canberra

pokie machinesThe Canberra Liberals’ gaming policy have to change. The Liberals announced their program for the next elections and they include in this the relaxation of the restrictions on the movement of pokie machines between Clubs. This if implemented, it will lead in the appearance of pokies in new Molonglo and Gungahlin suburbs.
Currently the city has about 5020 machines. Approximately one machine for every 73 citizens.
Mr Smyth said that this will increase pokies venues in this current difficult trading Environment and welcomed the announcement from the Liberals.
This “difficult trading Environment” has arisen because of the new regulations and new taxes that were introduced from ACT Labor and the Greens.
Mr Smyth also announced some other measures which will make the movement of these machines easier and help the clubs to survive. This has already been recognized by Jeff House (Clubs ACT chief executive) by saying:the policies would help clubs survive and thrive. In addition he said that ACT’s regulatory regime is inefficient and archaic meaning that bureaucracy prevents Clubs and also the government to improve their profits. This can be changed if streamlined electronic systems that other states use are adopted from the government as well. Mr Smyth called the government in a dialogue with the Club managers and solved this issue by stating how important Canberra’s club industry is. The answer from the government was that the Liberals just copied their ideas and present them as their policies. The Minister for Gaming and Racing Joy Burch said that the ACT Labor government has already committed to do all the above in the next term for the government if re-elected.