Gambling Rivalries in Australia

AustraliaThe last 20 years Australians have lost more than $2 billion in gambling. This stat is used from the anti-gambling lobby to designate the bad effect of gambling, but for us it doesn’t make any sense. Let’s see some facts: we will compare Victoria, where gambling is legal and allowed, with¬†Western Australia, where pokies are restricted to the Burswood Crown Casino and they are forbidden in clubs.
First of all we cannot compare problem gambling rates between these two states because Western Australian government has never done any statistic survey.
But lets see some other Statistics: West Australians gamble on average $672 a year compared to $1229 a year in Victoria. But West Australians for example they spend more than $1229 in alcohol. So what? They just spend their money in different ways.
Some people who are against gambling, like Tim Costello are trying to connect gambling with suicides and financially motivated crime.
But looking at the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures we can see that in Western Australia there are 11.2 suicides for every 100.000 residents. In Victoria this number is 9.3.
Similar difference in the numbers exists in the number of people who commit a financially motivated crime. Also the numbers of divorces is slightly higher in Victoria compared Western Australia.
So as Anthony Ball says: after twenty years of the introduction of poker machines in Victoria, surely we deserve better than to be treated like mugs by the anti-gambling lobby. At the end of the day even statistics are not against us.