Hotels braking the rules for pokies machines

Hotels owners found a new way to increase their earnings from poker machines. They installed note-changing machines next to poker machines to allow gamblers to change notes for $1 coins.
The name of these machines are Abacus CM 100s with dimensions 20cm-wide and 60cm-high and they can store $4000 in $1 coins.
This machines became very famous in Hotels across suburban Adelaide like the Paradise, Bremen, Emu, Christies Beach, Modbury Plaza and Brahma Lodge hotels where they set up these machines besides the pokies machines in gambling lounges.
Nick Xenophon (Independent SA senator) says that this practice is a cynical trick from the side of the hotels which may not comply with the Responsible Gambling Code of Practice where it is referred that notes-changing machines should be placed in a position where they can be “routinely and regularly monitored”. He also asked Robert Chappell (Independent Gambling Authority director) to investigate the use of the above machines as soon as possible.
According to John Rau (spokesman for Attorney General) the Government will discuss this issue at a meeting later this week.
Ian Horne (general manager of Australian Hotels Association SA) said that these machines are not very popular in South Australia and that this phenomenon is already more restricted in comparison with other states. He also said that South Australia is the only state that requires coins for pokie machines.
For the same issue Greg Maitland (director of Independent Pub Group) said that these machines are used because notes cannot be used in pokie machines.
Mr. Maitland (Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner) gave us the information that the group owns 10 venues with 338 machines which are worth around $20.6 million per year and he said that the intention of this law is to stop $50 bills being pumped into machines in order to slow down the cashing up of poker machines and not discourage people from playing in pokies machines.
He also said that he did not want to see more regulations for the industry.