HTML5 Mobile Slots from Microgaming

html 5Microgaming once more proved why it is considered the top casino software developer. The world is going mobile and this path is followed by all the major casino software developers in the world. Microgaming, is working with Spin3 towards a great mobile gaming solution and this includes of course games developed in HTML5. Experts believe that soon Flash will be abandoned and everything will swift to HTML5. There are two games introduced, already developed under the new standards, the first one is Ladies Nite and the second one is Spring Break. With these two additions, Microgaming’s portfolio of mobile games reached the number 75 which establish them as the top mobile gaming developer. It is estimated that around 7,000 mobile devices have the Microgaming software installed which is a very big number if we consider that it is a gambling software.

More and more mobile browsers support HTML5 , reason for which everybody wants to develop there nowadays. The benefit is that the games will be compatible with any device no matter if they use ios, android, windows or blackberry os. Also the latest technology makes in-browser apps look like native and allows developers to add more features and options. For more information regarding the latest mobile technology, you can visit our dedicated iphone casino page. So if you don’t have a smartphone yet, you should definitely buy one now as you can continue playing your favourite casino games on the go. And with more games coming maybe it will be even better than playing on your desktop. One thing is sure, that technology will never stop going forward and that exciting things are about to happen in the gaming industry very soon!