Mega Moolah gives away Millions!

mega moolah
Mega Moolah Slot Machine

The total amount that has been given on jackpot runs over $50 millions across all major providers! A spokesperson from the Casino Rewards company recently made a statement to the press saying that Casino Rewards officials are speechless by the size of a recent jack pot reward of £5,8 millions.  He said that this was the biggest prize ever, even bigger than the £5,5 millions that one player had won at the Blackjack Ballroom. “We’ ve seen a massive increase in playing activity over the past few months while the jackpot was high, which all contributed to it getting even bigger … £5.8 million is the biggest progressive jackpot payout we’ve ever seen” he said. Last record was held by one Greek player called Giorgos and was about €6,374,599 on the Mega Moolah game from 2009. The past record was held for a year and it was about $5.5 million at Blackjack Ballroom.This record won by a player from Finland. “When I saw the number on my screen I thought it was a phone number from a silly internet advertisement. It couldn’t be a jackpot, I must be mistaken! Then when I realized what has happened , £5,5 millions were sitting on my casino bill! ” So far  the great winner hasn’t shown up with an official statement but it’s a matter of time before we hear something from him.  Maybe he still cant believe what has just happened to him!