More Pokie Machines in Canberra

pokie machinesThe Canberra Liberals’ gaming policy have to change. The Liberals announced their program for the next elections and they include in this the relaxation of the restrictions on the movement of pokie machines between Clubs. This if implemented, it will lead in the appearance of pokies in new Molonglo and Gungahlin suburbs.
Currently the city has about 5020 machines. Approximately one machine for every 73 citizens.
Mr Smyth said that this will increase pokies venues in this current difficult trading Environment and welcomed the announcement from the Liberals.
This “difficult trading Environment” has arisen because of the new regulations and new taxes that were introduced from ACT Labor and the Greens.
Mr Smyth also announced some other measures which will make the movement of these machines easier and help the clubs to survive. This has already been recognized by Jeff House (Clubs ACT chief executive) by saying:the policies would help clubs survive and thrive. In addition he said that ACT’s regulatory regime is inefficient and archaic meaning that bureaucracy prevents Clubs and also the government to improve their profits. This can be changed if streamlined electronic systems that other states use are adopted from the government as well. Mr Smyth called the government in a dialogue with the Club managers and solved this issue by stating how important Canberra’s club industry is. The answer from the government was that the Liberals just copied their ideas and present them as their policies. The Minister for Gaming and Racing Joy Burch said that the ACT Labor government has already committed to do all the above in the next term for the government if re-elected.