New Packer Casino coming soon in Sydney

james packerAs Sydney Morning Herald reported the New South Wales Government is very close to an agreement with James Packer for the construction of a new luxury casino at Barangaroo in Sydney.
The project was suggested by James Packer and it is said that Premier Barry O’Farrell seems to be positive for the construction of a luxury casino and hotel complex, under the policy which was adopted from Liberal government to embrace and support big infrastructure projects from the private sector.
Officially no comment has been made from the Office of the Premier on these reports but it is sure that if this is a real project then it would be very difficult for the government to say NO in a $1 billion investment proposal.
For one more time the Greens MP, John Kaye, responded immediately and said that if this is an accurate report then they will oppose this plan. He also said that Sydney does not need another casino and another high-roller room which will increase the gambling problems.
He also accused the government that they try to manage these deals in secrecy instead of open a public dialogue for these issues.
Luke Foley, the Labor’s planning spokesman said that “we should not ignore an offer for a new six star hotel from Crown company or any other company. We should consider it and think very serious about that, but we have also to respect the state’s policy that permits only one casino license until 2019 and we should not allow poker machines in any Crown hotels”. Luke Foley close his statement by saying that “we have more than enough poker machines in Sydney already”.  More to come in the following days so stay tuned.