Packer’s New Casino Gets the Go-ahead

James Packer
James Packer

Barry O’Farrell has already confirmed that the project for the six-star hotel that James Packers wants to build in Sydney took the first
approval and went one step further. Mr. O’Farrell said that a project team should now established and advise on this project – included the gaming facility – until the beginning of the new year.
Mr. O’Farrell was cleared and said that there would be no poker machines but only a VIP gaming facility. He also insist that VIP
gaming facility is not a full blown casino and he assured that the government will not allow any new casino to be operate before November 2019.
The response came from Paul Keating (former PM) who called Mr. O’Farrell to change his decision for the Barangaroo Hotel to be erected on solid ground. That decision had led to Barangaroo builders Lend Lease to build a bigger hotel, but this cannot be done without the sponsoring of the city’s second casino.
Mr. Keating said the compensation was forced because Lend Lease already had a contract with the government to have a hotel on the water and Mr. O’Farrell broke that contract. The Daily Telegraph revealed yesterday that the government in deed will move the ames Packer’s proposal in the stage of of “detailed consideration” at its next cabinet meeting in 5th of November which is the green light for the new hotel.
The shadow cabinet of Labor also approved the project after a meeting with the Parkers counselors. Luke Foley (Labor’s upper house leader) said that the government should assure casino license fee and also a satisfactory tax revenue from the project. Mr. Kreating thinks that another casino will not be a problem and that:”The question of a casino in the city centre was decided philosophically 20 years ago by premiers Greiner and Fahey,” and also added that “What I (have told politicians) was the hotel was best left in the water but that was defeated by the campaign by The Sydney Morning Herald, the Darling Island residents and the Lord Mayor. The people who have caused the hotel to go on land and for it to be larger were the people who ran the campaign against the hotel in the water. They certainly caused a hotel to be bigger and brassier on the land than it would have been in the water.”