Pokie App is a Huge Success in Australia

slotomaniaSlotomania is a very famous mobile/tablet slot game in Australia. Actually Slotomania is the most famous app for mobiles and tablets in Australia at the moment. Its success can be attributed to the easy gameplay that is very important for children and teenagers and also to the great graphics and design. The Caesars Entertainment Corporation game can be played through Facebook and through other social media, but also on mobile phone or tablet through the App store. This is only one of the three games from Caesars Entertainment Corporation that is included in the top 20 list with the hottest App dowloads in Australia! Players can play this game without real money and when their credits end , they can either buy more with real money or wait for a long time to play again , but they cannot convert their winnings to real money. Some Australians believe that this type of games could be dangerous for the teenagers because they could introduce them into the real money gambling industry but the operator company suggested that the game is addressed to people over 21 years old and any teenager between 13 and 21 years old that want to play the game should do it under parental supervision One or another way the online pokies are coming into people’s lives rapidly and young people especially are the main target. May anti – pokies campaigners have their concerns but there were always been concerns at any big change. The future will show which side will win but you stay tuned for the latest update.