Profile of the Average Casino Player

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It seems like the typical model of the average online gambler that we have in our minds is wrong or it has changed dramatically the recent years. We all believed that the common online gambler is a well-paid male in the age of thirty or forty. However, the new studies that have been published lately, have shown that the model of the new average player is totally different than we thought. The most common profile of an internet gambler is a a middle-class woman at the age of fifty! Also, the latest studies have shown that the female gamblers have outnumbered the males. But which are the most important causes for this dramatical change? The rise of social network-based games like Farmville have shifted women to come  closer to online gambling .These games offer too much pleasure in such a short time and this is something that women appreciate heavily . Online pokies offer great pleasure and women quickly discovered them. There are several similarities in social network games and online pokies like: Paying to play ; players easily give money to buy Farmville items and they know that they won’t see that money again in their pockets. Instant satisfaction ; players have good time, they instantly forget their problems and don’t loose so much time. Also both sides offer big rewards to their clients. You can win a great jack pot and get rich with an initial investment of $1! So we can see that there is a logic behind this radical change in the gambling world. Of course, this doesn’t mean that males don’t gamble as well but definitely we need to stop stereotyping! After all gambling is for all..